The Power of CRM+IT Service Management to Deliver Customer Experience

Today, most Customer Service organizations work in a very reactive, break-fix mode where they staff call centers with agents whose sole job is to handle intake for customer issues and do their best to resolve them, then move on to the next.  Little, if any, thought or energy is put into solving the root cause of the issues.  In fact, the tools and processes used in most organizations actively prohibit this.

There are ‘walls’ that exist in most businesses that separate the Customer Support organization from Operations.  The goal of ServiceNow Customer Service Management is to knock down those walls and create an ‘open-floor plan’ for responding to and resolving customer issues quickly and efficiently.

Evolving customer service means better product quality, lower call volumes, greater customer loyalty and retention, lower support costs and an improved bottom line.  It’s a no-brainer, but it requires a transformation of both tools and practices.

In a recent webinar, I provide an in-depth introduction to ServiceNow Customer Service Management, you can check out the on-demand recording here: Next Generation of Customer Service


About the Author
James Divine, ServiceNow Senior Solutions Architect, Covestic

James is a Solutions Architect with 24+ years of IT industry experience working in a wide variety of small, mid-sized and enterprise organizations. James has 19+ years of software development experience and over 6+ years of experience in architecting, implementing, designing, managing, and developing ServiceNow.

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