ServiceNow Learning and Development

Continuous learning and education to keep pace with the evolution of the ServiceNow platform

ServiceNow Learning and Development

Covestic employees embrace continuous ServiceNow learning and education to keep pace with the evolution and broadening of the ServiceNow platform. To support this, we offer the following within our ServiceNow Center of Excellence:

  • Technical Skill Development: As an early Platform Testing Partner, you can develop marketable and sought-after technical skills by being exposed to new ServiceNow releases. We also encourage and reward participation in ServiceNow training and certification courses. Each person will have a learning development plan created for them. As a ServiceNow partner, our partner level status is dependent upon obtaining and maintaining certifications and accreditations. Our customers expect us to be trained in the latest ServiceNow releases and features, therefore we take lifelong learning seriously.
  • Udemy: Our employees have access to Udemy, an online “learning on demand” platform which offers over 200,000 courses ranging from soft skills, project management, personal interests to advanced technical training and everything in between!
  • Peer Mentor Program: New team members are assigned a peer mentor and more senior employees have the opportunity to mentor others.
  • Leadership Training: We have various leadership training courses ranging from new leader development to enhancing advanced leadership skills.
  • Career Tracks: Every new team member has a 30-60-90-day onboarding plan, a professional development plan and career advancement track.
  • Within our ServiceNow Center of Excellence, we reward our employees for their time spent on practice and self-development through our Management by Objectives (MBOs) – we motivate, invest in, and celebrate continuous learning and development!
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How do we reward learning and development within our ServiceNow Center of Excellence?

Covestic utilizes Management by Objectives (MBO), which is a strategic management model that aims to improve the performance of an organization by clearly defining objectives that are agreed to by both management and employees and are aligned to the goals of the practice. Covestic utilizes this model to promote the growth of our employees and of the practice.

One of the core MBO categories is focused on training and certifications. What this means is, by including learning and development objectives in the MBOs, you will be supported in your efforts to accomplish your goals and will be eligible for quarterly bonus payouts for meeting your objectives when billable utilization targets are met. Regardless, adequate time for ServiceNow learning and development is provided to all employees. It’s a win-win!

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Testimonials from our Employees

“In 2016, I transitioned from being in a corporate administrator role into a consulting role at Covestic. Making that change developed my technical and professional skills in ways I would have never experienced without coming to Covestic; I regularly think of the work I did as a junior developer with our Developer on Demand service and recognize how, within only a few months, I was lightyears ahead of where I had been when I started.

The variety, complexity, and overall fulfillment of the work I have done since coming to a Covestic can’t be matched outside of the consulting world. As I’ve progressed to become a Senior Technical Consultant in our practice, Covestic is the place I want to continue my journey as a developer and ServiceNow professional.”
-- Matt H., Technical Consultant
“I’ve had quite a run over the past decade. I began as the most junior member of our small team, serving as a Technical Consultant. While in this role, I built out the Developer-on-Demand program and became the first primary resource, building the program from scratch, even drafting the first reporting templates, service SLAs, marketing materials, etc. I took the service through its first iterations before my focus turned to project delivery and I became a Sr. Technical Consultant, working with some of our early lighthouse client accounts. This was a fun and wild time back then because everyone wore a lot of hats.

This exposure helped me advance quickly and I became both our youngest and first female Solution Architect on the team at that time. From there I earned the title of Sr. Solution Architect and today I lead Advisory Services, the newest professional service offering within the ServiceNow portfolio. I recently participated in the Dale Carnegie ‘Empowering Women in Leadership’ training through our ‘Women in Leadership’ Program, and I am excited to continue to my journey with a company that has supported me the whole way.”
-- Kate B, Senior Advisory Architect
“I have been a senior program manager with Covestic for over 14 years. Entering the world of consulting as a senior project manager, Covestic has placed me with a variety of clients in competitive industries (wireless telecommunications, health care, and retail). This has provided me with consistent on-the-job challenges and opportunities to provide value to our customers. Consulting with Covestic has allowed me to grow in experience and increased confidence both from a technical and team leadership perspective. I value the relationship that I have with my account manager (over 20 years now), and I enjoy being a part of a company that has established such a favorable reputation.”
-- Ben M., Senior Program Manager
“I started at Covestic as a program manager, and with the incredible mentorship of my manager, on-the-job learning and continuing my education thru certifications and MBA, I was able to grow my skillset and advance in my career over the last 13 years at Covestic.

Today, I manage large teams supporting a wide range of corporate partners who are responsible for delivering the highest quality of service, while remaining focused on supporting their strategic direction. All the business experiences, trusted mentorship, and faith in my abilities have been the recipe for my success at Covestic.

As a leader at Covestic, I believe in the culture and the supportive environment, and I strive to pass on any knowledge and opportunities to current and future Covestic employees.”
-- Lisa F., Senior Managing Consultant

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