ServiceNow Vulnerability Response

ActivateVR: Vulnerability Management Redefined

The vulnerability management solution for enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and greater ROI across your security operations – welcome to ActivateVR.

ServiceNow Time to Value With Less Time.

As a rapid deployment ServiceNow Vulnerability Response solution, ActivateVR automates the process of identifying, assessing, prioritizing, assigning, and mitigating security vulnerabilities.

The resulting gains in efficiency, speed, and accuracy translate into quicker response times to threats, faster resolution, and stronger vigilance to improve overall security posture.

ActivateVR is easily tailored to fit your business goals and priorities and delivers a time-to-value in record time.


ActivateVR enables you to achieve:

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ActivateVR is a cutting-edge vulnerability response solution that automates vulnerability management to prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities with greater accuracy and efficiency.

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Increase effectiveness and accuracy with ActivateVR

The interaction of the vulnerability scanner within your Security Operations and your configuration management database (CMDB) makes or breaks the effectiveness of your vulnerability management. In fact, if there are inaccuracies in your CMDB information, the efficiency of your vulnerability scanner is negatively impacted.

ActivateVR seamlessly integrates your vulnerability scanner and CMDB allowing for more accurate vulnerability information to be shared while enabling more efficient management of the security of your organization’s IT infrastructure.

ServiceNow Vulnerability Response Integration

Enhance Collaboration

Prioritization takes collaboration.

ActivateVR enables teams to accurately prioritize vulnerabilities based on criticality, business impact, and the likelihood of exploitation. This allows the most critical vulnerabilities to be remediated first, reducing breach risk while fostering a more fluid and effective collaboration model that improves communication and interaction between your teams.

Team-specific benefits include:

ActivateVR Team Benefits

Orchestrate patch management without lifting a finger.

ActivateVR simplifies managing patches and patch deployments via automation.

With a fully integrated ServiceNow Vulnerability Response, your CMDB can automate your patch process and allow your vulnerability scanner to easily identify available patches for installed software.

Plus, the Vulnerability Response process can be configured to automatically apply patches to IT assets as soon as they become available.

ActivateVR also allows you to conveniently monitor remediation progress from your Now Platform.


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