Covestic's Vlog Series: CMDB Chat

This exciting new series of vlogs is hosted by Scott Trumble, Director of our ServiceNow ITX Practice, and features the latest tips from leading ServiceNow experts.

Vlog 1: New ITOM Features for CMDB Health and Status Visibility

This episode highlights a few of the newest IT operations management (ITOM) features. Our experts will showcase federating configuration item (CI) data from multiple sources across the enterprise, visibility gaps across teams, and difficult-to-manage or secure CI.

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Vlog 2: New ITOM Features for Discovery

Are you looking for ways to simplify credentials and expand “Discovery” without sharing credentials or opening additional firewall access? This week, one of our Discovery experts will highlight some of the newest features that extend the ServiceNow Discovery capabilities. Join this session to learn more about our team’s favorite Discovery enhancements!

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Vlog 3: New ITOM Features for CI Auditing

How do you validate CI data for correctness? In this episode, our ServiceNow ITX Practice Director, Scott Trumble, leads a discussion on auditing considerations and the CMDB Data Manager.

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Vlog 4: ITOM Certificate Management

Have you ever had a certificate expire that caused an outage? Do you have a spreadsheet to manage expirations? Ever wish there was an easier way? This week, Scott Robinson, Director of Presales and Solution Consulting, shares his passion for the Certificate Management of ServiceNow’s IT Operations Management.

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Vlog 5: Getting Started with the CSDM

Common service data model (CSDM) Service Mapping and Lifecycle Stages…Oh my! In this week’s episode, our experts will take some of the mystery and terror out of implementing the common service data model and highlight some of the tools ServiceNow has added to help.

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Vlog 6: The Value of Mature CMDB to ITSM

In this episode, the Director of the ServiceNow ITX Practice, Scott Trumble, leads a discussion highlighting how a mature configuration management database (CMDB) can help improve ROI in ITSM.

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Vlog 7: The Value of Mature CMDB for Event Management and Vulnerability Response

Remediation of vulnerability items becomes more time-consuming with an immature CMDB, especially if assignment rules cannot be derived from the configuration items.

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Vlog 8: The Importance of a CMDB Roadmap and Strategy Planning

How do we work with customers to help them get the most ROI from their investment in ServiceNow and their CMDB? Members of our advisory service practice stop by to discuss configuration management database (CMDB) strategy and Road mapping.

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