Considered by many to be the world’s largest and most innovative software, consumer electronics, gaming and services company, this enterprise-scale organization (Enterprise Client) also provides online cloud-supported productivity software running on millions of computers and mobile devices.  Our Enterprise Client delivers these services to more than 240 global markets, with a million servers running in 30 datacenters worldwide.

Covestic Partnership

Following a competitive bidding process, Covestic was selected to deliver engineering support services for the Enterprise Client’s cloud-based collaboration suite in a managed services engagement.

The Enterprise Client chose Covestic because of our strong experience in Service Operations, competency in DevOps Tooling, and unique experience in privacy compliance. Covestic provided support to the Enterprise Client’s biggest and largest online-services customers, including leading US financial institutions and US government agencies. These customers posed unique privacy and security concerns given the elevated access granted to private and proprietary information.

For this engagement, Covestic provided these managed services:

  • ITIL/ITSM- Incident, Change and Release Management
  • Crisis Handling, including Critical Incident Communications
  • Knowledge Systems Development
  • Automation Engineering


Covestic deployed an engineering team in compliance with Public Trust Protocol (PTP) standards. Our team worked to resolve complex issues through case ownership while leveraging Visual Studio Team Foundation Services, and Microsoft Service Manager. Our Support Engineers partnered with the Enterprise Client’s Technical Support, Hosted Services, Technical Account Management, and Software Development teams to ensure that the customer received the fastest possible resolution of technical issues with a white-glove level of care.


Covestic maintained the highest service level agreement (SLA) results (>99%) and met all service level objectives. Measurements included:

  • First Call Resolution Rate
  • Time to Engage
  • Time to Acknowledge
  • Time to Escalate
  • Time to Resolve

The Enterprise Client gave us highest marks for satisfaction with our services and extended the duration of the contract.