Denny’s was supporting and operating dozens of business-critical applications on legacy and unsupported platforms like Lotus Notes. This resulted in unnecessarily high costs due to application sprawl, complexity and usability/maintainability challenges.

Covestic Partnership

Covestic partnered with Denny’s to implement a repeatable process for selecting candidate applications, scoping these applications, redesigning them, developing them and deploying them on the ServiceNow platform.  Each application was redesigned to adopt as much ServiceNow native functionality and data to minimize the development effort while maximizing maintainability and user experience.


Several core business applications were rebuilt on the ServiceNow platform and included:

  • Document Signing Management to facilitate electronic document creation and signing, bulk handling of multiple documents and signature requests and tracking of signing requests and completion.
  • Franchise Data Entry enables franchisees to quickly and easily enter necessary data related to their franchise.
  • Technology Onboarding and Training enables registration of new technology offerings and creation of training courses for the new technology offerings
  • Human Resources Compliance was developed process to handle intake of complaints of customers, franchisees, and employees.
  • Tier 4 Invoice Submission allows franchisees to utilize an easy-to-use portal interface to submit their marketing invoices and track the submissions from start to finish. Integration with Workday enables the full lifecycle of submission to reimbursement.
  • Scoping and Billing System to significantly improve budget transparency and predictability.

Denny’s now has established and streamlined processes in place to implement and manage business applications and is able to rapidly deploy new applications using the tools Covestic mobilized for this service.

ServiceNow Application Engine

“With the help of Covestic, we’ve been able to develop repeatable processes for analyzing, designing, developing and deploying our legacy applications on the ServiceNow platform. This has helped us to increase efficiencies and more effectively utilize the full power of the ServiceNow platform to support our business goals.”

– Joey Monique Fowler, IT Director – Technical Services