Meet Our Leaders – Barry Stewart

Barry Stewart - Practice Director, SecOps & IRM

ServiceNow and InfoSec expert with two decades of experience delivering world class consulting services. A seasoned platform owner with substantial expertise gained from dozens of successful ServiceNow implementations.


  • Builds a culture of continuous improvement for our practitioners who are experienced cybersecurity professionals (with clearances and certifications such as CISSP). They also hold current ServiceNow implantation certifications. This empowers them with a unique insight – they understand cybersecurity AND ServiceNow.
  • Working hands-on directly with our clients to provide consulting for Covestic SecOps and IRM projects empowers Barry to stay current with the current and emerging cybersecurity landscape to better serve our customers. I use this information to create or evolve our service offerings and cascade lessons learned to the wider team allowing us to continually deliver best-in-class solutions.
  • Barry builds and manages strategic partnerships that ensure our customers have competitive advantages when identifying and responding to next generation of cyber-risk leveraging the NOW platform.

Selected Projects Include:

Confectionary Manufacturer

Maturity based Vulnerability Response Implementation (with Qualys Integration), and Policy Management and Risk Management applications. Qualys CMDB Sync leveraged to enrich CMDB.

Government Analytics Firm

CMDB Data Cleanup & Integration health review, Vulnerability Response Implementation (with Qualys Integration), Security Incident Response, Threat Intelligence and GRC applications. Custom Sentinel one Integration to use S1 for discovery / IRE.

Fortune 500 Manufacturer

Back to box program for highly customized large-scale instance. Solution architect for a complex vulnerability response implementation. Migrated Fairchild MaestroRS to Business Continuity Management.

Medical Research Company

Vulnerability Response Implementation (with Integration). Security Incident response (with crowd strike integration)

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Certificates and Education


  • Certified Implementation Specialist:
  • Vulnerability Response
  • Security Incident Response
  • Application Portfolio Management
  • IT Service Management
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Event Management
  • Discovery
    • Certified Application Developer
    • Certified System Administrator
      • MCSA: Security
      • ISC² CISSP
      • ISC² CCSP
      • CompTIA Security+


Glasgow Caledonian University:

  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Internet Software Development (BSc)

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