About the Webinar:

Whether you’re managing risk and compliance through manual process or a sophisticated point solution today, there’s a compelling case for moving to Integrated Risk Management in ServiceNow.

Learn how Integrated Risk Management in ServiceNow is:

  • Beating out legacy point solutions like Archer
  • Saving companies time and money through automated compliance testing
  • Enabling resolution of issues before they become audit findings
  • Increasing efficiency of operations and reducing noise
  • Providing unparalleled visibility and access to compliance processes and data across the enterprise

Covestic IRM expert, Mike DeAndrea, and Solutions Consultant, Eric Smith, share real-world experience implementing IRM to drive C-suite recognized business impact, the head-to-head differentiators of ServiceNow IRM vs common legacy GRC tools, and a brief overview of the ServiceNow IRM solution.


Mike DeAndrea

Mike DeAndrea, IRM/Privacy Compliance Advisory Solution Architect, Covestic



Eric Smith, Solutions Consultant, Covestic