The adoption of ITIL is widespread and tens of thousands of companies are already reaping its benefits. But, as with any new process, there are a number of common ITIL adoption mistakes to avoid. When creating your ITIL vision and planning for the adoption of ITIL best practices, you can learn by those who have gone before. This will increase the speed and success of your ITIL adoption, and save you and your team a lot of headaches. Check out our guide to ITIL success by completing the form on the right.

In this eBook, we explore how leading companies start the ITIL process, avoid common pitfalls during adoption and improve IT services and business operations.

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  • What ITIL is, how it should be used and how it can improve IT services and support
  • How to plan and ready your teams for ITIL adoption
  • How to implement ITIL and avoid typical pitfalls
  • Next steps for adopting ITIL within your organization