How to assess, monitor and mitigate vendor risk

Trust But Verify. No matter how much you trust your third-party vendors, it’s essential to verify they have adequate safeguards in place to protect the data they process on your behalf, especially if that data contains Personal information (PI) about your customers.

U.S. and International privacy laws are unforgiving when it comes to PI, often holding organizations accountable for data breaches caused by or occurring in their vendor ecosystem.  Last year, nearly 50% of data breaches involving PI were caused by vendors.

In this on-demand webinar recording, the Covestic and ServiceNow GRC team will highlight how to leverage your investment in ServiceNow to assess, monitor and mitigate privacy risks in your vendor ecosystem.

This webinar will cover:

  • Privacy risks introduced by third-party vendors
  • Privacy laws mandating vendor risk management
  • Best practices for overseeing vendor data processing
  • Monitoring and mitigating vendor risk in ServiceNow
  • Live demo: Assessing Vendor Risk in ServiceNow


Mike DeAndrea


IRM/Privacy Compliance Advisory Solution Architect


Eric Smith, Solutions Consultant, Covestic



Teresa Law, GRC Product Marketing Director, ServiceNow