For most application projects, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is where the business processes are tested as close to end-to-end as possible. The goal at the end of UAT is for the business to be satisfied that the application works for their processes, and any issues have been resolved or mitigated.

To test the business processes, written test scenarios and test plans will be needed. The business knows their processes and is best qualified to capture these. We recommend designating someone with knowledge to write the test scenarios, otherwise, a designated person should interview business process experts to capture these test scenarios.

Once you have the test scenarios captured, they can be expanded into step-by-step test plans that testers can perform. We recommend identifying personas or test roles and to create a test plan for each.

This free User Acceptance Testing (UAT) workbook template can be used to help you get started with UAT. The template includes common test scenarios and examples of building out the scenarios into step-by-step tests. Fill out the form to download your UAT workbook template!