Part 1: The CMDB Promise

What if Apple Maps routed you to an incorrect destination?
What if Amazon shipped you the wrong item?
What if Uber sent you the wrong driver?
Our world outside of work doesn’t work without accurate and reliable data. Similarly, no ServiceNow implementation is complete without an accurate and reliable Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

So what does a good CMDB look like? What are the common pitfalls and how do you avoid them to build a CMDB that lays the foundation for big business impact and ROI?

In this webinar, Covestic and QuickNexus explore the history of categorization, techniques for building the CMDB to avoid traditional pitfalls and key considerations for a foundational CMDB.

After attending this webinar, you will:

  • Understand the importance of an accurate and reliable CMDB
  • Gain insights into why 70% of CMDB implementations fail
  • Recognize best practices for CMDB success and modernized IT Service Management
  • Avoid categorization sprawl and other CMDB pitfalls

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