What is ServiceNow CSM?

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ServiceNow CSM: Overcome Diminishing Returns on CX Investment

Businesses can hire new call center workers, invest in training, and purchase the latest software, but their customer satisfaction metrics stubbornly refuse to rise. How does ServiceNow CSM solve this issue?

In many cases, the issue is connectivity. Adding more trained personnel doesn’t solve issues like support tickets taking too long to reach the service desk. They also can’t fill the need for self-service options. There’s a disconnect between what customers want and how businesses try to solve their issues.

ServiceNow CSM is designed to help companies build and reinforce critical connections – between themselves and their customers, and between the service desk and the wider organization. With features such as intelligent automation, built-in workflows, AI-powered chatbots, and more, companies can create an intelligent support architecture that responds proactively.

What is CSM? Customer Service Management

Whereas traditional customer service architectures are designed to link customers to the business using the contact center as a conduit, the ServiceNow CSM architecture builds direct links between customers and businesses, resulting in:

  • Improved metrics: Increase FCR by spending less time manually generating tickets.
  • Decreased bottlenecks: The customer gets in touch with the right person immediately instead of waiting on hold.
  • Expanded self-service: Customers can resolve issues quickly and easily on their own, without talking to a human.

Beyond delighting customers, ServiceNow CSM lets businesses generate satisfying experiences in a consistent and repeatable manner.

CSM? But We Already Have CRM!

Customer service management and customer relationship management (CRM) are not the same. Although both solutions are designed towards similar ends, they tend to use a different approach. Common CRM tools rely on a more traditional architecture where the solution collects tickets which are then resolved by the contact center.

CRM tools often run into trouble because unlike CSM, CRM isn’t designed to interface with every part of the business. Once an issue requires intervention from the back office or from field teams, contact center workers need to use email and sneakernets to track and resolve issues. These manual processes can generate errors and cloud visibility, ultimately delaying resolution and dismaying customers.

The Standout Features of ServiceNow CSM Architecture

ServiceNow CSM provides standout features that turn ordinary consumers into product evangelists.

  • Proactive support: Detect outages and notify customers before they begin reaching out to the contact center.
  • Automated workflows: Intelligent automation tools react to a wider range of support scenarios, eliminating manual workflows.
  • AI-powered chatbots: ServiceNow’s Virtual Agent® can parse customer statements and retrieve the most relevant knowledgebase articles.
  • Low-code tools: Low-code tools let business leaders create new functionality in ServiceNow CSM without a computer science degree.

From using anomaly detection to get ahead of an impending outage to implementing a service menu where customers can independently manage their accounts, ServiceNow CSM can elevate every tier of support in every part of the business.

Covestic Excels at ServiceNow CSM

Founded in 2001, Covestic offers over two decades of ServiceNow experience. We’re an Elite-level ServiceNow partner with proven abilities related to ServiceNow CSM. We’ve validated our approach by successfully delivering the largest ServiceNow CSM project to date. With their combined excellence, our Solution Architects, Technical Consultants and Engagement Managers can tackle almost any implementation scenario.

A Consultative Approach to ServiceNow CSM

Every ServiceNow CSM implementation is unique because every company is unique. Although our experienced consultants have worked with dozens of companies, Covestic never takes a cookie-cutter approach. Our engagements always begin with a listening process, understanding which features need the most emphasis, customization, and training.

Fast and Thorough Implementation

Once the planning phase is complete, Covestic executes by leveraging the talents of our experienced Solution Architects, Technical Consultants and Engagement Managers. Since every implementation is unique, we will often create process guides and workflows specifically for an individual project. This ensures complete coverage of a unified customer service process, plus acceptance by end-users.

Ongoing Support 

We’re in it for the long haul. Covestic commits to support implementations with patches, upgrades, and maintenance for years following completion. As your customer base grows and continues to change, we’ll be there to help you meet their evolving expectations.

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FAQ: More Information on What Is ServiceNow CSM

What is ServiceNow Customer Service?

ServiceNow Customer Service is an end-to-end support solution that provides direct links between customers and business units, in many cases bypassing the contact center. ServiceNow CSM is contains powerful AI and automation workflows that take the manual traffic-control responsibilities away from the service desk, giving your workforce more time to solve complex issues.

What Does CSM Customer Service Mean?

While a CRM may be mostly designed to convert leads into customers, a CSM is designed to convert customers into repeat customers and product evangelists. This means providing proactive support that anticipates the customer’s needs, often by providing features such as self-service menus.

What’s the Difference Between ServiceNow ITSM and CSM?

ServiceNow ITSM is designed to provide advanced IT solutions to business users, whereas ServiceNow CSM offers similarly advanced services to customers.


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