Covestic Solutions (Activate ServiceNow)

Fixed-price ServiceNow solutions to quickly realize ROI and deliver the value of ServiceNow quickly.

About Covestic Solutions

Covestic Solutions (also known as our “Activate” program) is designed to allow our customers to quickly realize the ROI on their purchased ServiceNow software​.

Activate is a simple, easy to get started with, fixed-price ServiceNow solution. For many clients, it is also the start of a journey for a ServiceNow application. This program joins together full implementation workshops, a minimal viable product (MVP) initial implementation, and an application maturity roadmap to plan for future enhancements and features.​

Activate program offerings are fixed-fee in nature in order to provide definitive cost and value to our clients.​

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Why Fixed Price?

Benefits Beyond Price: From better value to improved performance. 

Many if not all new solutions represent an operational expense. So what’s the benefit of a fixed-price model? Turns out the benefits go beyond a lower overall cost. That’s because delivering a fixed-price model means that the project has a fixed end-date. There’s no room for mission creep, or for anyone to “fix it later.”  All features must be delivered and must excel in production when the deadline runs out. 

This is where Covestic excels. We are known for our ability to meet tight deadlines and keep project teams on task. Speak to one of our associates and you will understand why.

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