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Security Alert Report: CVE-2022-47966

Warning: A new vulnerability (CVE-2022-47966) can allow attackers to gain high, system-level access without authentication. CVE-2022-47966 represents a significant enterprise threat by impacting products like ServiceDesk Plus, Active Directory 360, and more. The vulnerability is…
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Tokyo Release Highlights 2022

For enterprise organizations looking to increase operational efficiency, ServiceNow is the cloud-based platform solution that streamlines your workflow and automates everyday work tasks. The ServiceNow Tokyo release represents the latest innovations to the Now Platform…
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We’re Here to Pump Your Passwords Up!

We’re Here to Pump Your Passwords Up! Given the focus on Cybersecurity Awareness, you’ve probably been seeing articles and graphics like the “Pump Up Your Password Strength” recently. The articles and graphics pretty much all…
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