On-Demand Webinar: ServiceNow Safe Workplace Apps 

Watch our Q&A to help you deliver your employees the right digital experience for their return to the workplace

As organizations ramp up to return to work, ServiceNow has launched a new four application suite built on the NOW platform that simplifies the process of returning employees back to the workplace. In this webinar, join Covestic as we take a closer look at the ServiceNow Safe Workplace Apps. We will provide a deeper dive into the applications and address common questions and challenges.

This webinar will provide attendees:

  • Access to Covestic’s experts for a live Q&A of technical and best practice questions for implementing these apps.
  • A live demonstration of each application (Employee Readiness Surveys, Employee Health Screening, Workplace PPE Inventory Management, Workplace Safety Management, and the ServiceNow Workplace Dashboard).
  • An understanding of how the ServiceNow Safe Workplace Apps can help support returning employees back to work safely and productively.
  • How Covestic can help you implement these tools quickly to get your workforce back to work safely.

Webinar Speakers:

Benjamin Scudero

Technical Consultant, Covestic

Eric Smith

Solutions Consultant, Covestic


On-Demand Webinar: A Closer Look at the ServiceNow Safe Workplace Apps with Covestic’s Experts

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