Let’s Talk Now: Podcast With Barry Stewart About Cybersecurity Burnout And How To Prevent It.

Preventing Cybersecurity Burnout

Is effective cybersecurity becoming an unattainable task? Watch this Let’s Talk Now podcast with host Dan Onori, Covestic’s Director of ServiceNow Alliances, as he talks about current SecOps topics with Covestic’s Director of Security Practice, Barry Stewart.

Today’s Troubled Cybersecurity Landscape


The unfortunate fact is there is a large degree of “burnout” among today’s cybersecurity experts due to the difficulties in trying to maintain a secure cybersecurity landscape. In this episode of Let’s Talk Now, Barry Stewart explains why many professionals have grown tired of trying to maintain what they perceive as an unattainable task: efficient and effective cybersecurity.

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Covestic Process Improvements Help Retain Staff

Barry explains that an underlying problem contributing to burnout is the actual cybersecurity user experience. He notes that inefficient processes put more stress on cybersecurity professionals on a daily basis. Barry goes on to add that the Covestic solution and process work to create a more productive user experience for everyone involved in effective cybersecurity.

“It’s more and more important to make sure that we’re not just empowering our end user to be successful for remediation and provide them with a good user experience but ALSO giving the right tools to cybersecurity teams. Because at the end of the day, that’s going to drive retention, it’s going to make you more successful, and it’s going to allow you to take more ownership and take better control of the environment where everybody’s working towards the same goal.”


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