Is Your Cloud Spend is Being Wasted?

Your cloud spend is being wasted. Numbers don’t lie when it comes to cloud spend waste. Gartner estimates that organizations without cloud optimization processes will overspend by 40%.   As more workload shifts to public cloud resources , many organizations struggle to manage their costs holistically.

Check out our infographic below to see the five most common areas of cloud waste. For more information on optimizing cloud visibility and reducing your cloud spending costs with ServiceNow, check out our on-demand webinar: Optimize Cloud Visibility and Reduce Costs with ServiceNow Cloud Insights.

Cloud Visibility Infographic

Take the next step with Covestic and ServiceNow

Covestic helps many of the top brands in the world solve their IT challenges and control runaway costs. We provide IT staffing, customized managed services, and ServiceNow-enabled solutions that set companies up for success. When it comes to optimizing cloud spend, ServiceNow is the only platform that gives you a single source of truth for your cloud environment.

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