What is Organizational Harmony? It’s the satisfaction and efficiency derived from making the right timely decisions and avoiding confrontation and conflict. Leaders must create harmony in the workplace by developing a culture that fosters growth and finding better ways of working for global and local teams that cut out silos and create open discussions to strengthen their organization. In turn, this leads to day-to-day operations running smoothly.

As any business grows, strategic processes and streamlining require distributed expertise within an organization. If your organization lacks distributed expertise, it creates dissatisfaction or “spike strips” in executing your roadmap. When this occurs, it creates a lack of balance, creating a backlog of work.

When you hire Covestic ServiceNow experts to assist your business with its ServiceNow instance, we don’t just test the ServiceNow environment; we look at the entire ecosystem.

We can make recommendations to remove these barriers and help your organization with the distributed expertise it needs to get back in balance and reduce your backlog.

Here are the 5 reasons why You Need Covestic ServiceNow Managed Services

1. Covestic Managed Services will keep your organization up and running at the speed of business.

How much time and money do you lose by having to call someone to fix issues when they happen instead of preventing them from happening in the first place? Our ServiceNow experts are skilled in all areas of the ServiceNow platform. We not only constantly manage and monitor your platform and ensure that no issues are slowing your business down, but we look at your entire ecosystem from end to end and make recommendations based on experience.

2. Covestic has more than just IT techs. We have talented ServiceNow experts

We carefully screen each of our employees during our rigorous hiring process to ensure they are skilled in ServiceNow, well-spoken and they will seamlessly work well as augmented staff to your existing team. In addition, our experts are up to date on the newest technologies and best practices in business and coding.

3. Covestic has the tools you need to maximize your ServiceNow ROI

We don’t just have talented ServiceNow experts but also the tools they need to help your business optimize all the ServiceNow platform capabilities. Combined with the breadth and depth of our team’s skills, those tools could skyrocket your ROI.

4. Covestic does not provide another ServiceNow Managed Services Provider (MSP)

When you work with Covestic, you maintain the ownership of your ServiceNow environment, SKUs, and execution to your roadmap – but with our expert guidance and Support. We’ve retained 95% of our clients over the past twenty years because they love what we do for them.


5. Covestic is already fully immersed in the ServiceNow ecosystem

Our team is regularly requested to participate in ServiceNow upgrade testing, which means our team knows all the ins and outs of the releases before they even get released. This knowledge alone saves your company money by hiring professionals who don’t need additional training or research to get up to speed.

We can offer you what other MSP providers can’t: experts who bring talent and quality to your team and leadership. Once you’ve implemented ServiceNow, you’ll see how important this becomes. Your investment in the ServiceNow platform’s short and long-term success for your organization rests with the team you choose to oversee the projects. Our customers have learned that your staffing model should consist of elements from multiple staffing options for the best results.

The most successful clients we’ve worked with have a ServiceNow Staffing model consisting of the following elements from multiple staffing options:

Managed Services: for advanced administration, development, and business analysis, program support.

    • The client defines processes and tools.
    • Part-time and full-time resources are available pending the client’s needs.
    • Resource skills are matched to the client.
    • We can manage your entire ServiceNow ecosystem or participate in a concert with your ServiceNow team.

Developer on Demand: to augment your in-house staff; allows for adjusting team velocity as needed and provides advanced administration and development across the platform.

    • 50 hours min per month at a set price per hour
    • Easy engagement via Covestic ServiceNow portal
    • Platform roadmaps
    • Security health monitoring
    • Upgrade support

Project-Based Consulting: to implement new specialized functionality or project-based work with specialized skillsets.

Other solutions that we offer that you might also want to consider:

Expert on Demand for clients that require expert-level guidance and experience in Best Practices in a subscription-based service where clients get a bucket of hours per month of Senior Architect support.


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