In honor of Military Appreciation Month, we highlight some Covestic colleagues who have served in the Military in our Employee Spotlight!


Meet Patrick Montgomery, Covestic ServiceNow System Administrator.

Military Branch: United States Air Force

Years active: 2013 through 2021.

Rank: Captain.

Why you chose to serve: I grew up near an Air Force base and was always fascinated by airplanes. My grandfather’s service also inspired me in the Air Force.

Fun fact: Although I was in the Air Force, the two career fields I served in were Cyberspace Operations and Nuclear Missile Operations, the former on the ground and the latter underneath.




Military - Richard Sudlow


Meet Richard Sudlow, Covestic ServiceNow Technical Consultant

Military Branch: Air Force

Years active: 10

Rank: TSgt (E6)

Why you choose to serve: Education, new experiences, seeing new places




Meet Aaron Stacken, Covestic System Administrator

Military Branch: Navy

Years active: 6

Rank: E5

Why did you choose to serve: I didn’t want to be wasting thousands of dollars in college on general courses that had nothing to do with my future career. I wanted to be earning experience and money sooner. I also knew joining the Navy would be quite an adventure.



Thank you to all our veterans and active-duty military for their service to our country. Thanks to their family and friends as well for the sacrifices they make. This upcoming Memorial Day and every day, we appreciate all the great deeds and sacrifices done to grant us a chance to enjoy freedom. Thank you to each and every veteran that has proudly served our country.