A Disruptive Force in Customer Service: ServiceNow Customer Service Management

To help you see the real potential of Customer Service Management in context, here’s a little history about ITIL.

More than 30 years ago a consortium of private and public organizations decided to band together to collaborate and define best practices for managing large IT organizations. What came out of the consortium is what we now know as ITIL. One of the core principals is to treat every one that interacts with IT as a ‘customer,’ whether they are internal to a company, partners or even other departments.

Are you still with me? Ok, good because here’s where I’m going to connect the lessons of ITIL to the evolution of customer service that ServiceNow is leading with its CSM Suite.

Right now, from a customer support standpoint, the model is almost universally ‘engage, diagnose, fix.’ By adding a continual service improvement focus into the mix the entire process is built around ‘engage, diagnose, fix, improve.’  By adding improve to the process, when done right, it has the potential to be transformative to an organization.

In the IT world the IT Service Management and ITIL practices have helped transform technical support to focus on finding the root cause of recurring issues and preventing future issues and this is the shift that is now happening in customer service.

The good news is most of these practices are not specific to IT, and when these concepts are combined with customer service, we get a fresh, new approach that cares less about organizational barriers and more about truly improving the overall customer experience.

To learn more about ServiceNow CSM and hear about how Epicor, a leading software company, achieved high marks in customer satisfaction by implementing CSM, please download and watch my most recent on-demand webinar: Next Generation of Customer Service here.


About the Author
James Divine, ServiceNow Senior Solutions Architect, Covestic

James is a Solutions Architect with 24+ years of IT industry experience working in a wide variety of small, mid-sized and enterprise organizations. James has 19+ years of software development experience and over 6+ years of experience in architecting, implementing, designing, managing, and developing ServiceNow.

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